Enjoy studying English and grow with games!

All game have been designed by Joseph Armour.

Joseph graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art in 1999 from the University of Texas in the United States, the same year he moved to Japan, where he met his partner, Yoshiko, a professional graphic designer.

Joseph has been teaching in Japan for over twenty years. As an Instruction of English, Joseph began developing fun games to use as performance activities to help his students retain what they learned in their lessons.

Joseph and Yoshiko created all of the original art and illustrations for class e games.

Tried and tested, these games have been developed for students of various levels of English proficiency and have brought out classrooms full of laughter, energy, and friendly competition!

Enjoy the fun of class e games!








Learn popular idioms and expressions by following the cartoons of class e`s mascot, Becky the cat.

Each cartoon has a Japanese translation and explanation that accompanies it.

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class eのマスコットであるシュールなネコ”Becky”のイラストで楽しく英語のフレーズやイディオムをインスタグラムで公開しています。